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Jodi Davis
6 October 1966
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Writer: Me
Married: John
Mother: Gem, Bug, & Mo

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Stalking Me?
http://blog.myspace.com/jodid - Has ramblings and writing excerpts.
http://www.deserttribeprodco.com - My production company where I make narrative short films and dream of ruling a movie making empire.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/jodid - My Flickr Account with pictures that are interesting to me.

Here's my online bibliography pretty much.

Short Stories:
Wanting The End:
Color Blind:
Ribbon Songs:
Scrapyard Lullabye:


Stealing The Moon
Summoning Dolphins:
Fall From Grace:


Things that make me laugh:
http://www.whiteninjacomics.com/comics.shtml - I want the White Ninja to be my personal ninja.
http://madugly.com/ - Bad Shape - or how Wiz Rollins and I will learn to play chess in hell: and it's his fault I'm there, but he earned his way in all on his own!
http://overcompensating.com/ - I <3 Mr. Rowland. I want to spoon him.
http://xkcd.com/ - Just, ha... ha... ha, ha, ha. Subtract that you little bitch.

Things that make me cry:
The Lymond Chronicles The 4th book broke something in me.
The Black Jewels: Trilogy Fuck you. I'm not ashamed to admit it. If you don't cry at the end of the first book you're not even human.
The Fionavar Tapestry Series Guy's prose could describe a couch cushion and I'll probably choke up. But killing my favorite person in the whole world? I almost still hate him. Too bad he's my fucking writer god.
Scardown - The second book of the Jenny Casey Books... From Valens letter and then on and off through the end. e.bear - :sigh: C'MON! You know that's not right! You seriously owe me a hug.

Incredibly Anal Rules for how I use my flist:
I like to read new different POVs - If I've added you it's because you said something somewhere I found interesting, someone said something about you that made me think you were interesting, linked to something you posted that I found interesting, I was bored and clicked on one of my interests and there you were... I looked at your profile and still thought you were interesting, so I added you to my reading list, so I could see if you were interesting (to me.) No - I don't expect you to add me back. If you bore me (and not in the good way) I'll probably take you off my list after awhile. I only allow my reading list to get twice as big as my mutual list - so I prune every once in a while for people I can't remember how or why they are on there and I haven't grown fond of through their posts. If you friend me back, I feel a certain giddy pleasure in that and never unfriend those people - at least not ever, yet.

I don't use any filters - I read everyone on my flist. If I don't want to read it - I delete it. I comment when I feel like it.

Other than friends locking fiction I'm trying to sell - I don't filter or otherwise screen my posts. [ETA: Ya know what, sometimes now, I do. Just because.]

So now you know.

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