First Lines Meme

I shall do this because I will do anything to stop working on this synopsis - and I don't want to gnaw off my own hand.


He tried to raze me for a vial of crack and I busted his balls.
Through the exhaustion and deafening cacophony of sound, the armies continue to bash themselves to death against each other.

Color Blind
I have always known there were monsters.
I can never be too drunk, never too much in love.
Wanting The End
Ribbon Songs
"It's a hostile world," Bren said.
Scrapyard Lullabye
I never learned to read, my brain didn't work like that, and now I was looking at it.


Prism (Sequel to SoulSearch)
It was Stryck who wanted to write a soul from scratch and give it to a clone - but in the end, we were all to blame.
Stealing The Moon
The morning is brilliant and sharp edged with cold, perfect for leaving the planet.
Wind's Edge

Once upon a time, a bunch of really dreadful stuff happened, because of a nun.

Live Oak
I hate February.
Jealousy House
There was a brass plaque.
With Stars With Stones
How she was born is usually how she dies.

My Iron Man - 2

OK - Iron Man. RDJ is Tony Stark - he is just as amazing and born for this role as anything he ever could be in (although maybe he is a skosh more Sherlock Holmes.)

And I was seriously in love with Iron Man the first - I mean it made me commit fan fic, which I hadn't done since I was 13.

But here are my problems - let me show them to you.

(And you should know  - read all this in the context of it's a really good movie and I'd see it again and tell you to see it - it's just not as good as 1.  I wouldn't care so much to write all this otherwise.)

There are two - and I think they are tied together. (I know - just two, right, it's still Iron Fucking Man!)

I think there is a trend where Hwood has a big hit movie and they try to replicate it without really knowing why it was a hit... most of the times they think it's what they spent money on. But most of the time it's because the movie had an emotional impact in some way on the audience that made them, with no reservations recommend the movie and go see it themselves again. That emotional impact can be any emotion, but it has to be true - true on a level someone might not even notice, like the phrase, it rings true... you don't know it's true but it feels true.

1. IM2 didn't feel true.

So Tony is a narcissist*. Yes. But he has good friends. Rhody, Pepper, Happy. That for whatever reason, love him and what him to be a better man than he sometimes is. And we are emotionally invested in these relationships. In Rhody coming to find Tony in the desert. To Pepper anticipating what Tony needs instead of what he wants, and Happy... he's just always there for you. Like a hound dog.

So, who is it that realizes that Tony is acting suicidal? Giving away his things, saying goodbye, taking even more unacceptable risks then normal... No, not his friends. SHIELD? Seriously, Nick Fury and agent ScarJo... SRSLY?

No. I don't think so. I. Do. Not. Think. So.

OK, so you want SHIELD to play a part in here - a very simple fix, that would have rang true is to have Pepper behind bringing them in because she knows Tony so well, that she realizes she needs help because she can't get through to him.

Also - Jarvis? I mean, cmon, got short changed here. There is a relationship there, and it was thrown away, (much like the Men in Black Sequel there the love story between Coma Jones and the woman who stayed by his side was thrown away) also, Jarvis and Tony couldn't have figured out the temporary Palladium vaccination that worked better than chugging f'ing chlorophyll (but yes, I want the damn drinking bottle, ok!)

2. Editing problem.

I think the bit about how you enter the scene late and leave the scene early was taken a bit too much to heart. There are some sequences that didn't quite work for me, and I felt that the resolution must have been written, or even shot, but got clipped just a few frames too early.

1. Tony wants to race his car - and ticks off his own driver/team to do it, because he's suicidal. OK, but... that's not in the movie. The part when he gets to the mirror - and then from the mirror to the car - is missing. And how good he looks in his fire suit does not fix that. But is distracting.

2. Pepper dressing down ScarJo. Either she knew who she was or what she was doing or she didn't - it's not in the movie. I kind of kept expecting it to be.

3. Pepper would have been way more effective as CEO and she wouldn't have quit. I think we missed some bits. She coordinates an entire police mobilization during a disaster but then decides to just stand around after.

4. Tony escaping house arrest.

5.  Why in the hell wasn't the make a new element beam pointed at the freaking triangle to begin with?!

Things I did like/love

1. Computer Porn. I want. 'nough said.

2. Iron Man. I want. 'way 'nough said.

3. Sam Rockwell casting

4. Micky Roarke casting

Nit Picks

Terrence Howard was a better Rhoady than Don Cheadle. I love Don Cheadle - but, really, he would be better at being Iron Man then the side kick. I still liked him, but I don't think he was as good in the role as TH.

Pepper's clothes. Seriously - even when she wears a t-shirt, she wears heels and a skirt? Other than the two actresses - are there any women involved in this movie at all?  I would have fallen out of my chair if she had some sneakers stashed this time - she should have had them in a pocket on the outside of the *suit* case.  Cause if you got to break out the suit - you're probably going to need good running shoes.

Pepper quit? I'm not sure. I know she SAYS that she hates being in the center of things, but I really don't think that's true... and it didn't ring true. In the real world of movie watching the dynamic between her and Tony is so much more improved with her as CEO and he as Iron Man.

Tony can figure out and engineer a new element - but couldn't solve clorphyl vs whatever whatever injection... I mean, Jarvis can't google?

OMG - really - bad guy is dirty? I mean, I get that *Russia* is just a big dirty basement slum, but in 'merica - we have manicurists, showers, hell, a nail brush...

Why is Tony still yelling at the little clamp helpers... And now they can't even make a smoothie?  It would have been better if it remembered to put the lid on and Tony talked nice to it. 

What orange tan lotion did Hammer have on his hands in that hangar scene. So distracting and in a bad way.

Some of the special effects were a little off - the transition of ScarJo's CGI face to her real one once... and... there was some other bit where their slip was showing but I can't remember exactly.

*Tony as a narcisist has been proven false. It's just a pretend thing he does to hide himself. Always has been. He arranged in advance for Rhody to be able to take the suit. He made Pepper CEO. And I'm sure Happy is set for life. So everyone can keep calling him that, but...

(also, y'all know that Pepper ends up with Happy, right?) and they laid some of the ground work for that as Happy became Pepper's right hand man/chauffer - which again has that strange relationship power dynamic I'm not liking....

OK. Still pretty awesome movie, but I mourn for how much better it could have been.

Insurance Love?

I got an odd big white envelope in the mail today from my health insurance company (which is Blue Shield of California - even though I live in SC - my company HQ is in CA). My first thought - was oh crap, what now?

My second thought was, wait, what? Is it possible that my insurance company cares if I'm healthy or sick now since they're forced to not just kick me off if I happen to not be healthy... I think that's overstating, but since they're stuck with me, it's better bottom line if they maybe try to see if they can keep me from eating lead or twinkies.

'cause in the packet was an informational booklet about diabetes and a little foldy wallet chart to track test results on blood pressure and cholesterol (although not enough for everyone on our insurance - or even two - one for me and John) and a sheet to walk me through logging in a new website where results from doctors visits are tracked so I can see what my blood pressure, etc was when I went to go have my sprained ankle X-rayd - etc.

Of course they didn't get all the love right because the cover letter was welcoming me to the asthma center - and no one on our insurance account has asthma.

This is especially endearing since in the past the only communications I've received from them are letters accusing me (I'm guessing since I am the primary on the insurance and am a widdle girl) of having other insurance through my husband that should be paying first and I better fess up or sign this paper stating that I don't, and even then they will prosecute me for perjury if I'm lying about it. Nice, right? I also get that letter if any of the kids need something paid, saying that their father's insurance should pay first - even though our entire family, father included is on the insurance - my name is primary because I worked at the company first (and we work for the same company).

So thanks Blue Shield for some glimmer of realizing that you can't just hope I stay healthy to keep coughing over my money to you for nothing or that I at least die quick in some way that doesn't require medical attention (Oh well, at least she's life insurance's problem now! Dodged a Bullet!)

I think I'll blame this letter on Health Care Reform.

All The Windwracked Stars

This is a beautiful book and I love it so much... Just saying. Who wouldn't love Muire and there is just so much - I like tangled relationships a lot and I don't think there isn't one that isn't...

EeeBee's Book.

I want to go to some sort of Writer's Retreat in a month or two - I'm not talking about a seminar or classes so much as just sequestered writing time with some other writers - anyone got any ideas? It might be a weakness - but I need to get away and just get this done. Failing all - I might just drive somewhere and lock myself in a hotel room...

Everybody Else Has Got Some Place To Go...


Bought this:

Because I'd read this:

Which I also bought because Mo was with me and I didn't own it although I had read it. I just told her Roiban AND awesome!

And this:

Which I expect to love because I always love E. Bear.

Also these...

I think I'm having a consumerist moment because I'm shrinking (I was uncomfortable in bed the other night and realized it was because my underwear were too big.) and it's sorta freaking me out, I guess... or I just felt like buying some stuff... I also made some poor food choices, I had fries at five guys - and a peanut butter cookie from a batch Mo made because she makes the best f'ing peanut butter cookies in the world.

I also wrote this:

12. Nar Song of Colour
Give me in hand her crystal laugh
Her bitter tears of blues and greys.
Break me in half her green mirth
Spread it out before a sky that glows.

and this:

17. Green Sarabande
Give me a
Sunny day
Down by the sea.
Make me his
Dearest shine
greenest for me.

Two Chapter Headers IN ONE DAY! I'm like a golden god, plus, there are people who are Green in this book - in the sun. Yes. I know! Look:

Durrell watches Erant as she sees it all for the first time. Noticing things he's forgotten to notice for so long. The castle above them; ramparts and parapets, flying buttresses and stretches of opaque and clear crystal, not hewn, not masoned, organic, a castle that grew into being.

"It was made for us." He told her and so was the first to break their silence.

"By the flame?" Erant asked him, not looking away from the beauty of it all, not wasting a glance at the merely mortal Song Warden beside her.

"Some whisper that it has fallen in love with us." He did whisper, and even that was luminous, it was always his voice that could reach through barriers. And so she turned to accept him into her view.

"Why whisper?" And she couldn't help it. She whispered, standing in sunshine and beauty.

"It might hear and punish our vanity." He smiled. And although she could have resisted it, she did not, and smiled in return. But then her eyes narrowed and her eyebrows were drawn together.

"You're green," she said, still whispering. He laughed.

"It’s the sun. It's very faint for me, I've lived in Drayven since I was three. You should see Christoph, he fairly glows green in the sun, he lived in Wilden all his life before he came here."

"The Green Men." There is enough awe in her voice that he doesn't take offense, not even when her hand comes up of its own volition and touches his cheek.

And, of course, the Nar - who can't see color:

The color that to them was so foreign, that did not even exist. He could only use words and numbers to make the shape of it. Transmuted into something else, they could almost see, almost understand, but only on their own terms. That was why they were so fascinating to some, so frustrating to others. Mal wished, sometimes fervently that he could just see it, see a color and then even if he never saw it again, he would know if he had transmuted it properly, clearly. Sometimes, he didn't think it was too much to ask, and other times, he clearly saw the impossibility of it.

But, he thought he was good at it. He thought he not only could grasp it but turn it into the conversation his tribe could follow. The Nars that lived with him, with the hue mans, thought so, he could speak of them and see the spark in their eyes, the nodding of understanding as he had struggled to amass a common language that could be relied upon to explain the hue that made up the man.

So in sing song and other quiet underlay that the Nar used amongst themselves, he told them a story, and tried to explain the color of it. And his tribe listened, murmuring and silent, shown and unshown, as he wove the shapes together with the words and the math to make a simulacrum of color for them.

I KNOW! I just need to finish it!!!!! It's so freaking close, so close, and almost really good. I'm probably going to be very giddy and crazy here for a bit as I end it. Sorry.

Friday I start a road trip to Orlando, then Chicago (or Schaumberg, ya know...), then Atlanta.

I leave you with this song I've been listening to a lot:

By America - via a Crows cover...

Well I tried to make it Sunday, but I got so damn depressed
That I set my sights on Monday and I got myself undressed
I ain't ready for the altar but I do agree theres times
When a woman sure can be a friend of mine

Well, I keep on thinkin' bout you, sister golden hair surprise
And I just cant live without you; cant you see it in my eyes?
I been one poor correspondent, and I been too, too hard to find
But it doesn't mean you ain't been on my mind

Will you meet me in the middle, will you meet me in the air?
Will you love me just a little, just enough to show you care?
Well I tried to fake it, I don't mind sayin, I just cant make it