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Rated R

For Violence, Sexual Content, Language That Would Make A Sailor Blush, and Sentimentality That Would Choke a Cow

Good Luck

I don't have a lot of words for myself - Erant has them all, except the ones Raven has taken at knife point... so I'll just give you this that is banging around in my head.

It's Counting Crows - Adam's words.

larry's in vegas with some chick from l.a.
the best things are sevens; the sex is just okay
"so please stay," she says, "just stay."

cause there's a show at eleven
the drinks are all free
maybe you can do better for yourself
but not me
so please stay, keep me company

all the while thinking this is the good luck
he stays with her most of the time
it takes time to make these machines run
and people are so unkind

gets kind of nervous
when it used to be hard
she takes the edges off evenings
in bedrooms and back seats of big cars

all the while thinking this is the good luck
he stays with her most of the time
it takes time to make these machines work
and people are so unkind

she looks in the mirror
to make sure she's here
she keeps disappearing and dreaming
of movie stars, weddings
nothing is happening!
he tries not to notice
she thinks he doesn't care
capture yourself in a jar
and just say there
until you vanish to thin air

all the while thinking this is the good luck
he stays with her most of the time
but he ain't got time while she's riding in black cars
and pokes at the sky to see if he can make stars
and people are so unkind
people are so unkind
people are so unkind
people are so unkind...

San Diego

I will be in San Diego Mon - Sat, if anyone wants to sign up for a martini crawl - we have a local guide set up!


I'm going to be in Orlando Friday - Thursday if anyone wants to have a martini with me.

Wedding Mix

Mo has decided that the best response to pesky relatives questions is to rick roll them in person. So she just breaks into song. She is all the best of me!

Strait made locks.  It's not what he grew up to be, or learned to do, or a decision of some sort.  Strait made locks. He also breathed and ate and enjoyed a finely made woman or man occasionally, but mostly he made locks.

There was only one thing he hated.  Keys.

Still here.  Working it.  Feeling good about it all.  

Found what I think needs to be done and doing it - re outlining what I actually had worked very well here.

A big new patch done since last I checked in.

Still hesitant as I tweak the outline now and try to get it all to flow.

I have a dreamwidth invite if anyone wants (since this is crossposting...)

The thing I like about facebook the most so far is how easy it is to put up pictures.

Treatise on the Issues of the Green Man

The Green Man is no longer a Man in the sense of being in control of his destiny.  By tying the fate of their cycles to another being, they have become something other.  Not to be trusted, not to be considered the same.

Another great day.  Bubble Baths was necessary to temper a bit of excess stressiness, but that handled it.  I really want to see Brothers Bloom again - if it's playing near you - you should go see it - my absolute favorite movie this year.  I have a 25 page outline of the book now that is marked up with what I need to finish it - this week will be all the writing for that.  I'm feeling much love for the dear, dear thing right now.  I wonder how it ends!

(Actually I know that - there is just one little thing I don't know and I'm hoping I'll write up to it in the next day or two.  'cause I think I DO know it - and my brain is just being bitchy and not telling me.)

Lyll, in a simple blue robe, walks slowly from under the arch and approaches the women.  There is fear in her eyes, in a way there has never been.  She has found something here.  A peace she is still uncomfortable with, yet afraid of losing all the same.  Its loss is what this rabble at her gate represents. Her closed gate.

Mostly awesome day.  Made a wonderful shrimp pasta - mostly healthy.  I think I've had under 1000 cals for the past two days, prob 1200 today.  That's not why it's awesome.  It's awesome for words and thoughts - even if I hate losing - loosing <-- those words - damn them.

Break Fast Upon the Swirl

Hosanna hopefuls

Bring the flowers

Buy the bread

Burn the Mournings

Bless the mornings

As the Bright Rises.

I'm feeling very Lymondy right now - and not in the good way - in the 6th book way... If the book, she won't let me express my love to her then I must run off and do something drastic...  My eye is starting to twitch... so maybe... sleep?

Name me...

Her name was Arantha.  But somewhere along the way I decided that was too girly and eventually settled on a new name.  Ranth.  A name which my son remarked upon, "You've just given up on her name, haven't you."  Proving my son is a dick.  But... I liked the name.  It was harsh sounding and acceptable.  But then she was in a scene with Llyl, who sometimes goes by Raven - and Reede and well... apparently I love me some letter R... so I've been worrying her name when suddenly the phrase Knight-Errant came into my head.  Alas, now she is Erant.  And I know why her mother would have named her that too, which tells me everything else.

Ah, writing, it is glorious.

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