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Insurance Love?

I got an odd big white envelope in the mail today from my health insurance company (which is Blue Shield of California - even though I live in SC - my company HQ is in CA). My first thought - was oh crap, what now?

My second thought was, wait, what? Is it possible that my insurance company cares if I'm healthy or sick now since they're forced to not just kick me off if I happen to not be healthy... I think that's overstating, but since they're stuck with me, it's better bottom line if they maybe try to see if they can keep me from eating lead or twinkies.

'cause in the packet was an informational booklet about diabetes and a little foldy wallet chart to track test results on blood pressure and cholesterol (although not enough for everyone on our insurance - or even two - one for me and John) and a sheet to walk me through logging in a new website where results from doctors visits are tracked so I can see what my blood pressure, etc was when I went to go have my sprained ankle X-rayd - etc.

Of course they didn't get all the love right because the cover letter was welcoming me to the asthma center - and no one on our insurance account has asthma.

This is especially endearing since in the past the only communications I've received from them are letters accusing me (I'm guessing since I am the primary on the insurance and am a widdle girl) of having other insurance through my husband that should be paying first and I better fess up or sign this paper stating that I don't, and even then they will prosecute me for perjury if I'm lying about it. Nice, right? I also get that letter if any of the kids need something paid, saying that their father's insurance should pay first - even though our entire family, father included is on the insurance - my name is primary because I worked at the company first (and we work for the same company).

So thanks Blue Shield for some glimmer of realizing that you can't just hope I stay healthy to keep coughing over my money to you for nothing or that I at least die quick in some way that doesn't require medical attention (Oh well, at least she's life insurance's problem now! Dodged a Bullet!)

I think I'll blame this letter on Health Care Reform.


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Apr. 23rd, 2010 03:58 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't blame it on HCR, it's something we've been doing for a while now. California must be slow.
Apr. 23rd, 2010 05:09 pm (UTC)
I thought this would be insurance for when your significant other stops giving you love. Now THAT would be priceless.
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